Spiritual awakening massage

Energies can be very clingy and instead of flowing freely, clog up the spiritual pathways. Spiritual cleansing and purification rituals are needed to unblock and get rid of unwanted energies. A purification ritual using magical infusions of resins and space aroma anointments with a relaxing chakra cleansing massage with the use of direct healing will assist in clearing energy blockages, leaving you feeling recharged and spiritually healed.

90 minutes £75

Available with our therapist: Sarah.

The healing Ritual

Harnessing the amazing healing properties of pure essential oils and crystals, this one hour ‘healing ritual’ brings you clarity, peace of mind and relaxation whilst healing the whole body. Tailored to the individuals need and purpose for healing, Reiki is firstly conducted to heal particular chakras in the body  all completed with a deeply relaxing face and scalp massage. This truly unique therapy embraces all of the senses.

60 minutes. £50.

Available with our therapist: Tracey.

Oriental facial ritual

Designed to open up your spiritual higher being with this facial and scalp massage using frankincense and geranium essential oils , the Indonesian facial ritual will work on specific pressure points intended to open up the crown, third eye and throat chakras. By opening up these specific chakras it can help balance ones emotions and bring clarity, insight and clearer intuition in connecting with your higher self. This amazing and relaxing treatment will bring a higher consciousness and enlightenment in order to attain spirituality, peace and bliss.

45 minutes £38

Available with our therapists: Sarah and Tracey.

Deep warming leg restorer

This deep leg muscle massage is perfect for those suffering from tired or aching legs or alternatively the overuse of muscles in the glutes/legs from exercise. A combination of Swedish and deep tissue massage with the use of star child’s ‘dragon oil’ and added ‘black pepper’ essential oil will help to eliminate any inflammation and muscle injury so your legs are like new again!


40 minutes £35

Available with our therapists: Sarah and Kirsty.

Energy Point Remedy

The hands or feet are firstly refreshed with warm, soothing mitts using suitable aromatherapy oils. The key reflex points are then stimulated before your hands or arms are massages further to relieve tired muscles.

Hands and feet 30 minutes £25
Legs and feet 40 minutes £30

Available with our therapists: Sarah and Kirsty.

Rehydrating Rose facial & Rose blissful experience

This Rose facial helps to balance and replenish skin’s moisture levels and give it a revitalising boost. If you are looking for a treatment that restores radiance and glowing skin as well as being deeply relaxing than this is the treatment for you! Includes a facial cleanse, tone, exfoliation, mask with face and scalp massage.

Pamper yourself further by upgrading to the luxury rose blissful experience which starts with a 25 minute back, neck and shoulder massage to promote relaxation using warm nourishing rose body oil, followed by the rehydrating Rose facial.

60 minutes £45

85 minutes £65

Available with our therapists: Sarah and Kirsty.