Tracey Parsons

Healing Master Therapist



Reiki and Seichem master level.

Auricular acupuncture master class. Facial massage in yuan traditional medicine college.

Tracey works as our spiritual Reiki master offering Usui and Seichem Reiki, Indian head massage, auricular acupuncture and our oriental facial ritual.

Tracey has had an interest in the spiritual side of life from a young age and realised she could sense peoples feelings and situations. Developing her skill Tracey experimented in various spiritual practices throughout her life but soon found out that spirituality is more about finding yourself and there is no right or wrong way. Tracey still likes to participate in particular spiritual groups in order to compliment her background of her work.

Tracey is currently working towards a certificate in Kinesiology and has also completed a 2-3 year course in holistic nutrition although found her interest sided more towards natural medicine. Tracey also enjoys making her own natural cosmetic products including soaps, scrubs and creams which do not have harsh chemicals in.

Tracey likes to use crystals and various essential oils for its beneficial qualities and healing which is selected according to the purpose of healing and the individual.

“I put my best into each treatment and each one is tailored to where I feel the energy should be focused or what the client wants that day as obviously we change daily”. Tracey.